Due to the continued disruption from the COVID-19 Pandemic, LEAD Camp will not be holding a Summer 2021 Program. We will provide updates on our 2022 Camp Plans at a later date. Thank You.

CASH Prizes and Awards - Entrepreneur Coaching Sessions


10 Minutes Pitches - Elementary, Middle, & High School

What is Lead Camp’s “Shark Tank” Competition?

Have you ever seen the show Shark Tank?

Entrepreneurs from all around the globe showcase their business ideas in front of a panel of millionaire investors for an opportunity to grow their business by partnering with the greatest business minds of our generation. 

As you watch the show, ​​​​​​you may catch yourself asking these questions…

“How do these people come up with these million dollar ideas and how do they present them so confidently?  

“How are these people able to build teams and lead them so successfully?”

“How do I get someone to invest in my idea?”

As a team of entrepreneurs and founders of LEAD Camp, we have also once asked ourselves these same questions.

After much trial and error, we were able to grow Factory Athletics (our sports marketing and development Company) into a successful player development business. The Company has propelled baseball and softball players into the pros and has helped 100,000 athletes earn 1 billion dollars in college scholarships over the past 20 years, while making them the best players they could possibly be.

We wanted to give back to up and coming entrepreneurs and give them the skills we didn’t have at the very beginning, so we have decided to launch our very own LEAD Camp Virtual Shark Tank competition!! (Dolphin Tank??)

How does it work?

1.) Registered kids will attend three entrepreneurial coaching sessions with our staff through Zoom. They will learn how to develop an idea, how to pitch their ideas, and how to put their plans into action. These sessions will take place starting in Mid January 2021, and will be recorded for any students that can’t attend live.

2.) Registered kids will take what they learn and will have the opportunity to “pitch” their business ideas to a panel of Presidents/CEOs.  Each kid will have a 10 minute pitch, Shark Tank style. This will give them the chance to practice their idea creation and public speaking skills. The Pitches will take place in Early February 2021, with winners crowned by the end of the month.

3.) Together registered kids will launch a product or service using the skills and tools learned through daily team challenges, and interactions with guest entrepreneurs.  Kids will be able to pitch as a group or individually (as long as the kids are all in the same age group).

Who is this competition for?

This competition is for kids in elementary, middle, and high school! All 3 school levels will compete with other kids in their age group.  We believe youth is where confidence is built and ideas flourish.

***Once the competition is over, the contestants with the best ideas will win awards and CASH to use in starting up their own businesses!! 

First Place for Each Division will earn $500 and Runner Up will earn $250 * some restrictions apply*​​​​


Cost is $199 to participate. 

Any questions?  Please email info@leadcamp.org

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