LEAD Camp Curriculum  – 3rd – 6th graders

img_7846 We’re excited to have you join us for LEAD Camp this summer. What should you expect? Here are some highlights from our two-week curriculum. The other half of the day is spent on athletic development.

Day 1

  • What does it mean to be an entrepreneur or inventor?
  • Which entrepreneurs or inventors do campers admire most?
  • Introduction to core LEAD elements: Grit, Confidence, Compassion, Collaboration, Creativity, Self-Motivation, Overcoming Adversity & Controlling Your Own Destiny
  • Group Activity – LEAD core elements game.

Day 2

  • Personality ice breaker – Exploring campers areas of strength.
  • What is leadership?  Campers will begin to understand their ability to affect the world around them by sharing examples of how they have shown leadership?
  • Campers will play a series of leadership and trust games.

Day 3

  • Group Learning Activities  – Campers will be given a problem to solve and learn critical thinking skills by turning their “Lemonade Stand” into a real business.
    • How to determine price/location?
    • How much lemonade is needed?
    • How is bad weather dealt with?
    • How to determine customer satisfaction?
  • Video game – Lemonade Stand – Build your own business.

Day 4

  • Cool Invention Day – What do campers feel are “cool” inventions?
  • Passion/energy/idea – Why is passion so important to business success? What interests campers the most?  What product ideas do they have?
  • Campers will break into teams collaborating and brainstorming ideas to find new and exciting opportunities.

Day 5

  • Developing A Product:
    • What will the product or service look like?
    • What are the features and benefits?
    • Who are your potential customers?
  • Sharing business ideas launched by kids just like our campers – dog walking, jewelry, lawn mowing, snow cones, selling goods on ebay, app creation, etc.  We’ll review real-life Shark Tank, Kickstarter and entrepreneurial success stories.

Day 6

  • Naming a business – What is important and how does your name start to differentiate  your product from the competition?
  • Mission statement – This is the why of your business.  How do campers craft ones that are concise but also descriptive?
  • What is a trademark, patent and URL? Why are each so important?

Day 7

  • ”The Blueprint” – Campers will learn the fundamentals of a business plan and what’s included.
    • Identifying potential customers and how to reach them.
    • How to service your product – with people and technology.
  • Financial Literacy 101 – saving, investing, donating, bank accounts, assets (Stocks, bonds, real estate).
    • Understanding why a camper’s attitude toward money can really affect their life and decision making.

Day 8

  • Marketing!
    • Campers will learn what’s important in advertising design, and collaborate on making posters and ads – from design to style to slogans they will team up and have fun learning how to market a product!
  • Guest Speakers include:
    • Steve Battista, Senior VP of Brand at Under Armour
    • More to be announced soon!
  • Campers will work with the guest speaker and come up with their own slogan!
  • Exploring and developing a sales strategy.

Day 9

  • Campers will learn about Public speaking and presentation skills by playing games like “The Continuous Story” to have fun learning and increasing their self-confidence, communication skills and composure.
  • Practice your pitch!
  • Campers will play the “Be Your Own Boss Game”.

Day 10

  • Pitch day!  Present your idea to a panel of CEO’s/Presidents of local and national companies.
  • Get valuable feedback on your product or service and presentation.