LEAD Camp Curriculum  – 7th – 8th graders

We’re excited to have you join us for LEAD Camp this summer.

What should you expect? Here are some highlights from our curriculum. The other half of the day is spent on athletic development.

Day 1

  • Learning the entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Introduction to core LEAD elements:  Grit, Confidence, Compassion, Collaboration, Creativity, Self-Motivation, Overcoming Adversity and Controlling Your Own Destiny.
  • Group activity – LEAD core elements game.
  • Personality ice breaker – What common traits do entrepreneurs possess? Self starter, hard worker, driven, quick on your feet, leader?
  • Group learning – Problem Solving.
    – Your business has a problem.
    – Find the solution and pitch it to the group.
    – Example – All 5 of you are equal business owners of a new record label.  The good news is you signed a hot new act and finished recording a new album.  The bad news is you are out of money, but need to promote the band, start selling records/songs and get them on the road.  What can you do to start generating interest in the band?   How can you start selling songs immediately?  Will live performances and merchandise sales be an easier way to start generating income as opposed to selling on Streaming music sales?
  • One camper from each group will make a presentation showing how your group was able to solve the problem.

Day 2

  • Cool invention day – What are some cool inventions admired by campers? 
  • Passion/energy/idea – Why is passion important? What are you interested in?  Do you have an idea for a product?
  • Campers will break into teams collaborating and brainstorming ideas to explore what’s new, possible and desired. What problem is your product trying to solve?
  • Developing a Product:
    – What will the product or service look like?
    – What are the features and benefits?
    – Who are your potential customers?
  • Campers will learn how to conduct market research and analyze the competition.

Day 3

  • Naming a business – What is important and why?  How does your name start differentiating you from the competition?
  • Mission statement – This is the why of your business.  How do campers craft ones that are concise but also descriptive?
  • What is a trademark, patent and URL? Why are each so important?
  • ”The Blueprint” – Campers will learn the fundamentals of a business plan and what’s included.
  • Learning how to write a business description.
  • Identifying potential customers and how to reach them.
  • How to service your product – with people and technology.
  • Playing the “Start Up” game with fictional companies, learning about pricing, IPOs and investing.
  • Financial Literacy 101 – saving, investing, donating, bank accounts, assets (Stocks, bonds, real estate).
  • Understanding why a camper’s attitude toward money can really affect their life and decision making.

Day 4

  • Marketing strategy – telling your story with passion!
  • How to advertise and get the word out?
  • Developing your brand position and Unique Selling Proposition
  • Guest Speakers include leaders such as: Steve Battista, Senior VP of Brand at Under Armour
  • Campers will work with the guest speaker and come up with their own slogan!
  • Exploring and developing a sales strategy.
  • Design your own advertisement – make it eye catching!
  • Public speaking and presentation skills – communicate, make eye contact, project confidence.
  • Group activity – Making a commercial.
  • Public Speaking Game: “The Continuous Story”
  • Present mini-business plan to real entrepreneurs and get feedback.
  • Practicing the pitch.
  • Campers will play the “Be Your Own Boss Game”.

Day 5

  • Pitch day!  Present your idea to a panel of CEO’s/Presidents of local and national companies.
  • Get valuable feedback on your product or service and presentation.